Words must connect and convert!

Imagine that you’ve worked for a few months now at your website, you’ve checked and re-checked every page that viewers will be seeing. 

It's time to hit the publish button or make the big announcement on social media. Of course, you wait for hundreds of comments, likes and shares, and rounds of applause for your hard-worked product or piece of software.

And got…NONE! You hit refresh, and still… crickets!

This is a common outcome for lots of startup founders and the reason is ... boring copy, that didn’t excite, wasn’t easy to understand, and thus failed to grab attention or become memorable.

In this fast-paced world, you can have a great product or the best solution in the market, but if you don't make it to clients minds, you will go around in circles for years and eventually some hot new startup will come up with a better version of your idea, captivate the audience and starts selling as hell what you could sell from the beginning.

Have these words of advice:

  • 9 times out of 10 using the right words on the website, in your headlines or newsletter will boost your sales
  • the most effective way to set your product ready for success is to use a good story and a powerful copy
  • avoid jargon, fancy words, keep your copy simple and easy to understand for everyone visiting your website
  • copywriting doesn't have to be expensive or crafted by big advertising firms; it's just the right words that help you sell more and outperform your competition
Razvan Enache, copywriter & founder r10e FinTech
After more than 10 years of financial journalism, covering stories on capital markets, banking, and Fintech, I was drawn towards persuasive storytelling, focusing on helping startups deliver more genuine messages through their websites and find compelling copy that hook their audience

A simple black text on a white page design can be more efficient than all the buzzwords and jargon we're used to see on the financial websites. Words can be very powerful, when you know how to craft them.

Cristiana Fernbach, partner, KPMG Legal

I admire Razvan’s drive and perseverance to build a flagship event, a brand and a community beyond Romania’s borders around the Future Banking, years before technology became an immediate reality for the local financial industry.

 His discipline, insights, and passion for technology, his willingness to consider new angles and business ideas are mirrored by the quality of speakers and content the event delivers year after year

Adrian Dinculescu, Partnership & Alliances Manager, Namirial

Razvan was the first contact with a Romanian media representative. This happened 3 years ago and ever since we are committed as partners or participants in the events organized under his close supervision.

The fact that we chose to collaborate with Razvan for our events is clear proof of his trustworthiness and expertise. The success of the events came as a natural consequence!
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